These Payment Terms and Conditions had been revised since 11 February 2019

There are 4 ways in order to settle your invoices.

  • SWIFT Transfer
    Bank SWIFT transfer is our default of payment method. Please pay attention that our invoices are not included bank charges. All applicable bank charges are to be borne at your end.
    Please ensure we receive full payment in our account.
  • CASH in US currency at Kathmandu's Office.
    If the payer is paying in USD in Nepal, then in every $1000, our company will charge $40 in order to prevent the foreign exchange fluctuations and transaction charges. The domination of the USD bills should be paid in $100 (except for the change amount) and dollar series must be above 2000 AD. The notes (USD) should not contain any handwritten word and the damage one is not acceptable. The additional charge will be waived if the single payment is below $500.
  • CASH IN NP currency at Kathmandu's Office.
    We also accept the payment in Nepalese currency. In order to find the exact exchange rate, please go to the website of Nepal Rastra Bank ( The rate of exchange will be selling rate of payment date plus NPR 5 for every $1. If the full payment is made in two different dates, then the rate of exchange will be as per the NRB website rate plus NPR 5 in the payment date.
    E.g. Bill Amount: USD 100 NRB website Selling Rate: 110
    We will be accepting payment in NPR at 110 + 5 = 115
    Henceforth, 1 USD = 115 NPR

  • CASH on Arrival Thailand
    The payment can be paid in the date of arrival in Bangkok. The payment will be accepted on a case by case basis as approved by our Sales department team.


There are two major limitations in terms of credit.

  • Due Date mentioned in the invoices.
    Payment must be settled within the due date mentioned in the invoice. Due date is kept generally 5 days AFTER Invoices but not less than 3 Days prior to the arrival date.
    Failures in settle the invoice within the due date will cause the booking will be canceled without prior notice.
  • Credit Amount of USD
    We offer Credit Amount of $USD 2000 irrespective of the due date for preferred agents only. The payment must be cleared once the mentioned credit amount exceeds or it should be settled on 15th Day of Every month and 28th Day of every month whichever comes first.
    Failures in payment under credit terms will be caused the termination in your credit facilities.


For any inquiry, please contact any one of us.  

Roshan Maharjan (Support Staff) ......................... +977-9801018859
Sumedh Shakya (Sales Support) ........................... +977-9849136613

Supida – Khun Pui (Operations) .......................... +66-0972702570
Samid – (Accounts) ...................................... +66-0636399834
Suraj (Chairman- Sales Support) ......................... +66-0830097520
           All the numbers are available on Viber / Whatsapp