Being brought up in a Buddhist society and later involved in the Young Men’s Buddhist Association, I regularly participated in the International Buddhist Conference since 1988 which used to be held every two years. I was so much captivated from the conference that I even financed myself to be a part of it. Similarly in the year 1994, during my participation, I proposed in the conference to start a pilgrimage tour from Nepal to Thailand, Singapore and surprisingly it was passed.

As I was engaged in outfit business that was running from generations, tourism was a completely new area for me. Due to my keen interest, the first tour was a bingo. It was so successful that I, in partnership with my friends, drove into the same line as a tour organizer and made tourism a side business. Later on, as the time passed by, my interest became a dream, a full-time business, which led my dream to be a reality. I introduced outbound tour packages that would cater every client including pilgrimage, holidaymakers, honeymooners, medical, business professionals etc. My special concern was to provide quality and integrated services to the value customers in a very much homely environment.

Today we are established as a Pioneer Outbound and Inbound Tour Operator in Thailand and Nepal and the only tour operator that organizes tour packages for wide destinations including some of the hidden heritage of the world. The company is looking forward to have its agents in different parts of the world, adding more destinations and aiming to work as an ambassador for the International Buddhist Society. As a course of its expansion, it is also looking forward to tie up with renowned International Business Partners.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all friends and our loyal customers for their continuing support and encouragement that has tremendously helped for expansion and development of the company. I am indeed very much thankful to all for their contribution and hope for the long lasting relationship in the days to come.